Hot and New Games
  • Unique game theme
  • New gaming interactions & scenarios
  • Unlimited free games
  • Higher rewards multiplications

“Hulunbuir Grassland”, “Street Steel”, “Dragon Treasure”, “Golden Wild – Growling Lion” & “Jin Yu Man Tang Supreme”…

Supreme series

Featuring gorgeous Chinese Graphical elements which bring wealthy and prosperity meaning.More gold symbols activated leads to higher chance to win big payout.

Stand Alone Series

Ancient themes with elegant symbols.More payout during free games.High winning exciting bonus features.

Jackpot High Limit Series

Classic Jackpot stepper games with various choices of game themes.High denomination designed.

Bowl of Gold

Bowl of Gold signifies a lifetime of wealth and prosperity. This is a 5-level progressive link with an exciting pick bonus for a chance to win one of 5 jackpots. Play all ways and have fun with your favorite free games.


Innovative and creative slot games. Inspired by popular Chinese card game “Fight the Landlord,” or adapting the Chinese fable story “Yu Gong Yi Shan”; this series of games try to incorporate various elements as well as new ways of bonus features to enrich the variety of the slot game family.


Hong Yun Gao Zhao is our lastest link from LT Game featuring an exciting free game bonus as well as a chance to hit one of the 5 progressives. These games feature beautiful Chinese themed graphics as well as the exciting Caishen pick bonus. Match 3 Caishens and win the corresponding progressive. By increasing the number of special symbols you are betting on you qualify for the higher progressive levels.

FAFA Slot Machine

New gaming cabinet never seen before! The “RGX 1000” is the world first cabinet with REAL MOVING OBJECTS! Matching interesting story line with exquisite animations, the games and cabinet combination are eye- catching and fun included; not to mention the unique BINGO Jackpot!

Jade Link

Jade Link is a fast hitting 4-level Progressive jackpot! When there are 5 identical special symbols, you can keep turning until you get a jackpot! This kind of gameplay increases the excitement of players wanting to capture the grand prize.

Fast hitting 4-level Progressive linked jackpots!

Win 5 combo with any major symbol,then spin to win a progressive jackpot!

The progressive wins multiplied by each triggering way!