Golden Version


• Preserve the essential elements of traditional table game (dealer-player human interaction)

• Sophisticated high-tech platform

• Same betting terminal to play different types of games on different tables

• Could be used as a platform for all sorts of marketing/promotional programs

• Complied with DTEG standard(Macau); SAS 6.02,GLI 25, GLI 11 certified; Patents granted in US & Macau


• Betting terminal: EGM for players to bet and play on

• Video Camera: to capture real time game action

• Electronic Gaming Device: to provide precise and automatic gaming result

• LMG System: to control the whole operation system

Key Benefits

• For Casino Operators

1. Increase Game Productivity—more hands dealt per hour & one dealer serves unlimited players

2. Reduce Labor Cost

3. Improve Game security & Reliability

4. Increase Average Player Wagers

5. Offer More Marketing Promotion Tools

• For Game Players

1. Simultaneous gaming at multiple tables & different games

2. Lower minimum wager

3. More privacy; less intimidation

4. User friendly for beginners

• For Marketing Functions

1. Food & beverage can be ordered through betting terminals

2. Lucky draws are supported & advertised for players

3. FLASH supported advertisements

4. Player membership tracking and VIP client alerts