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Lucky 6 Baccarat

The Lucky 6 is a side bet on the commission-free version of baccarat. Complied with Macau gaming rules, Lucky 6 pays out on any winning ‘banker’ hand with a face value of six. By adding this a new betting option to the already popular baccarat, it gives more variety in the ways of betting for the players!!

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Ez Baccarat

Better known as Dragon 7 across Asia, EZ Baccarat is the first baccarat game in the world to do away with commission completely – allowing more hands to be played in a shorter space of time with the added advantage of a lower house edge.

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The Advanced Live Multi game allows players to switch to different game screens with a flick of a finger. Player can play multiple games on the same terminal through the multi games mode on the same screen.

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Super Bull

"Super Bull", "Niu Niu" and "Bull Fighting" are the Chinese poker games, and they are quite popular in many Asian countries. The characteristics of this game are "quick wins, frequent and rapid changes." Each player compares their cards with the dealer’s. If he wins, he can ask the dealer for a bonus with a specified odds.

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Dragon Tiger

A game that decides the winning or losing by comparing the card points. It is easy to learn and allows players to fully experience the fun of the casino! Each dealer only deals two cards, with one card on each side (Dragon or Tiger side). Bet selection can be configured to "dragon", "tiger", "and", "dragon black", "dragon red", "tiger black", "tiger red" and other combinations.