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Press Release- Pursuant to press release of Bally Technologies Inc.

Pursuant to the press release of Bally Technologies Inc., dated March 20, 2014, the Company would like to inform the following:

Pursuant to article 76 of the Macau Criminal Code, the Company and any other related party involved is legally bound to a duty of justice secrecy and therefore cannot disclose any proceeding act or its terms independently of the grounds of such disclosure.

This duty stands until the pronouncement of a crime or the date of the trial court is set, whichever the earlier.

Nevertheless, the lawful owners of Patents I/150 and I/380 never authorized any company of SHFL’s group of companies to exploit in the Macau SAR the invention object of the said patents.

Moreover, and despite an appeal been filed by SHFL Entertainment (Asia) Limited, the decision taken in November 2013 by the Macau Court of First Instance (in the injunction filed to prevent the display of the product SHFL Fusion Hybrid at the 2013 Macau Gaming Show) prevents SHFL Entertainment (Asia) Limited to, inter alia, display or sell in the Macau SAR the product SHFL Fusion Hybrid until a final decision is taken in the main lawsuit filed in 2012 (following the injunction related to the 2012 G2E Asia events).