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LT Game Donated to Macao Polytechnic Institute

Donated to Macao Polytechnic Institute, LT Game's LMG-5 (Live Multi Game Machine) and Power Slot, will be used as part of the Bachelor of Science and Computer program that specializes in Gaming Technology. Mr. Jay Chun, Chairman of Paradise Enterainment Ltd; and Miss Betty  Zhao, COO of LT Game, attended the Donation Ceremonym which was held at the Macau Polytechnic Institute on February 27,2014. In donig so, students of that program will learn software development in the gaming area, develop the slot system incermentally and experimentally, along with applying innovative features to the gaming machine using the R&D lav that's been recently opened. This donation is not only for manufacturers, but also for students and people to learn about the software development of a gaming machine and how it under goes changes of the R&D in order to satisfy a customer needs. Also, it supports gaming research and cultivates both creative minds and practical skills of the students in this program.