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LT Game Live Multi Game Machine showcase at the Galaxy Macau

LT Game, the main supplier of the games and casino system in Macau, today announced that 150 units of their latest Live Multi Game Machine are installed at the Galaxy Macau on 1 June 2013. Besides enjoying different types of table games and multi live dealer games, the Machine also has a score board feature that allows players review the trend or history of the game anytime that won’t let the players miss a good trend. 

LT Game has a brilliant sales record in the industry, of which the six top brand casinos chose LT Game as Game Machine supplier. There are 2,700 units of Live Multi Game Machine from LT Game in the market and that is definitely a hotspot for all players and casinos.

LT Game Limited is a subsidiary company of Paradise Entertainment Limited listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK:1180).