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LT Game to Showcase Gaming Development for Market at G2E Asia May 21-23 in Macau

LT Game Limited, is one of the major gaming and casino providers in Macau an in the world today announced will bring its avant-garde gaming products include the Live Multi Game System (Which has live dealers, supports multiple tables and has a terminal based multi-game selection system), the Paradise Jackpot System and also the latest new products, at G2E Asia in Macau, May 21-23. 

Airline Concept Betting Terminal

As the most popular product from LT Game, Live Multi Game Machine is leading the players to a new experience of the excitement of gaming, Airline concept betting terminal! It is a set of unprecedented aviation concept gaming terminal, which creates the exclusive experience of first-class in aviation to the player. Through the integration of the most advanced live multi game system, HD touch screen for betting, massage sofa and a number of service functions, this gaming terminal was developed as a private and exclusive entertainment area, far beyond the traditional gaming machine or electonic betting terminals providing single entertainment feature. This product can bring guests full range of luxury and independent entertainment.

Live Multi Game Machine

LT Game’s hottest Live Multi Game Machine will also show lots of new features in G2E Asia. Also, there will be two different kinds of brand new designed player stations be launched during the show. Visitors can see the most cutting edge design and also feel the ergonomic concept of player station. Besides this, new features such as no commission baccarat selection function, new games and trend board push message on the betting terminals will also be shown.

Intelligent Cash Access/Cash Redemption Solution

As LT Game is aiming at the providing the most invigorating and innovative products for the casinos, the company now will showcase their most recent Cash Redemption Solution, the Intelligent Cash Access. This is a unique machine in the market and it can provide the counting a stack of notes in the same time. You don’t have to insert the note one by one or line up wait for the cage to help. It also has all the other functions of the Cash Redemption machines in the market. LT Game’s cash redemption solution is a smart, flexible and fully customizable self service currency exchange station designed to provide customers’ gaming venue with smarter, faster and reliable cash and ticket handling solution. This independent change station offers customers a simple and efficient solution to break large notes into smaller notes with coins or a single ticket and to exchange multiple tickets to a single ticket without the need to locate a cashier.

 LT E-Baccarat Table

The newly developed E-baccarat table is another main product that LT Game will show during G2E Asia. It provides 8 players to play baccarat on the table in the same time. As conventional baccarat, the players can enjoy the excitement of flip the cards and the atmosphere of playing on the tables, and the payout will be done by the system automatically. With this E-baccarat table, the casino operator can minimize the human error of the dealer and also enhance the productivity of table game.

 LT E-Majhong Table

Focus on the Asia-Pacific Market, Majhong is one of the most popular games among the Asia people. LT E-Majhong table integrates the stylish design with the latest technology. It helps the casino operator to generate greater revenue through enhancing the game speed and efficiency, also the automated accounting on the casino’s commission which saves labor costs and avoid human error. With this E-Majhong table, you don’t have to wait till 4 people to play this game, even one people can play it. Visitors should come to LT Game’s booth 502 to experience the E-Majhong Table.